Blacksmith, knife sharpening, sparks, metal

What is SM100 Steel?

It’s fascinating how many amazing steel grades were developed after it was discovered that adding more carbon to iron creates steel. Over the centuries, lots of exciting varieties that can …

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The blacksmith manually forging the red-hot metal on the anvil in smithy with spark fireworks

What is 416 Steel?

Stainless steel grades are preferred by many as blade steel since they’re very easy to maintain. However, not all varieties are ideal for making knives. Others are more suitable for …

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Blacksmith makes an artistic forging of hot metal

What is 425M Steel?

A lot of modern steel grades are enhancements of the most popular classics in the market. With modern technology, it’s really possible to take some great steels up a notch …

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Blacksmith making a horseshoe in small forge

What is SR101 Steel?

Aside from their performance, the composition and creation of different steel grades are also interesting features about these items. They have a huge impact on the finished product so it’s …

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molten metal on the anvil in smithy

What is W1 Steel?

Did you stumble upon a knife made with W1 steel? Or perhaps, you’ve been researching various steels and happened upon the W1 steel. That may have made you wonder if, …

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P20 steel make it a good choice for molds

What Is P20 Steel?

Perhaps you’re reading this P20 steel guide because you’re doing research on various kinds of steel, so that you can find just the right type of steel for the knife …

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